Our mission is to help people feel better.

A Community of "And" People

We are moms and entrepreneurs. Software salesmen and weekend rockers. Architects and yoga instructors and welders and softball players, all wrapped up in one. We are a community of artists and makers, and we refuse to be labeled.

Success is Quality of Life

We balance work and life, hustles and hobbies, passions and dreams. It can feel overwhelming, especially when we’re bombarded with technology, devices, and distractions. It’s no wonder we’re all a little stressed. Canvas allows you to do it all and feel your best.

A Compass for All

We strive for this life because we know we can do it. We refuse to choose. We make room for things that matter. It’s not about perfection, it’s about getting a little better each day. We’re all a work in progress. Sometimes we stumble. Sometimes we just need a compass to get us back on track.

Made with Intention

To have it all is to live intentionally. Work never stops. Social media never stops. Responsibilities never stop. We can’t always control it all, but we can take care of ourselves in the midst of it all. We can address what’s going on under the surface - the anxiety, the sleeplessness, the aches and pains - and support ourselves from the inside out.

A Superior Delivery System

We spent years and invested substantial resources creating products that really work. They are scientifically formulated to go deep beneath the skin. This superior delivery system means that our oils and creams work better and faster to address all the issues we experience in this modern-day life. We don’t compromise, and we demand the highest quality of products. Read more about our delivery systems here.

Proudly from Austin

Austin is a place full of “and” people. You’ll find music and arts, commerce and culture. It’s fiercely independent, yet built by a myriad of personalities. Punks and cowboys, hippies and techies, soccer moms and lifelong learners, oilmen and entrepreneurs, hustlers and givers, activists and volunteers. In Austin, we all get along. The Canvas life is about relentlessly pursuing your passions while keeping it all in balance. And respecting others for their pursuits, too.

A Blank Canvas

An "and" person is much more than meets the eye. It’s like experiencing a new piece of art. Every time you look at it, you see something different, something deeper. Our community is the same. Who you see today isn’t always who you’ll see tomorrow. So, go ahead, be whomever you want to be. Every day is a blank canvas, full of possibilities.

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Partnering for Good: Ubuntu Life

Ubuntu Life is a nonprofit business that uses the power of global commerce to create “inch wide, mile deep” social impact for children and mothers in Kenya.

Canvas is extremely proud to support Ubuntu Life’s mission, as it aligns with our goal of helping people live well, without compromise. Be on the lookout for our upcoming partnered products with proceeds benefiting Ubuntu Life.

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