Be Well, Do Good

Our Ethos

We believe that we have a responsibility to create products that help people feel better, feel more balanced, feel more like themselves. But we feel that our responsibility should not just be limited to developing products -- we have a responsibility to use our success to do something powerful for our community. We’re just getting started, but we’re constantly seeking ways to help our community and our world, whether it be through financial support, volunteer hours, product donations, event collaborations or even just helping to create awareness.

Our Giving

We partner with organizations that work to remove the roadblocks we each encounter on the path towards discovering and pursuing passions. Finding passion for what you do, whether it be a 9 to 5 job, a side hustle or a hobby, leads to happiness and fulfillment, to a sense of calm and well-being.

CANVAS Gives Back

We partner with organizations who strive to empower, create opportunity and restore well-being to communities.

Mental Health

Mental Health

We give to causes that support mental health and substance use recovery

Physical Health and Well-being

Physical Health and Well-being

powering individual health as well as community well-being



creating opportunities for people to pursue passions

SIMS Foundation

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SIMS Foundation provides mental health and substance use recovery services for musicians, music industry professionals, and their families to support the well-being of the Central Texas music community. As an Austin-based company, the live music community here is near and dear to our CANVAS hearts - it is the spirit and heart of our city, but it needs support to thrive. Musicians are disproportionately at risk for mental illness and substance abuse, and while one in five Texans experiences a mental health condition each year, Texas ranks 46th among U.S. states for mental health care accessibility. This is where SIMS Foundation comes in: closing that gap to ensure that members of Austin’s music community have access to a full array of mental health and substance use recovery treatments, delivered with no barriers and at low or no cost.

CANVAS works with SIMS Foundation in a multitude of ways, including providing premium CBD products to SIMS clients, contributing to educational materials about mental health and some of the various ways one can try to prevent a mental health or substance use crisis, volunteering our time as a team at SIMS’ events, making financial contributions to SIMS Foundation, and constantly working together to grow our partnership.

Ubuntu Life

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Ubuntu Life is a nonprofit business that uses the power of global commerce to create “inch wide, mile deep” social impact for children and mothers in Kenya. They’re in the process of building a state-of-the-art wellness center in Maai Mahiu that will allow for life-changing treatments for children born in the area with disabilities. Ubuntu Life also provides opportunities for their “maker mums” to earn living wages, and hold steady employment, creating handcrafted goods that are sold globally to support Ubuntu Life’s mission.

CANVAS and Ubuntu Life have a strong partnership. In late 2019, we’ll be launching a set of partnered products: a 500mg Rose Cream, a 400mg Grapefruit Oil and a gift set that includes both products along with a Love bracelet. 10% of revenue from each Canvas x Ubuntu Life product sale will go straight to the Ubuntu Life Foundation. CANVAS is also working with Ubuntu Life to explore the possibilities around lobbying for CBD legalization in Kenya so that Kenyan children with severe epilepsy could more easily access potentially life-changing CBD products. Read more about CANVAS and Ubuntu Life’s partnership here.


SafeHaven Harm Reduction is a public health nonprofit organization that provides education and peer-based services using harm reduction principles within the music and arts community; establishing an inclusive culture of physical safety, psychological support, and informed decision-making. Importantly, all without stigma.

By employing a harm reduction framework SafeHaven helps to support the health and wellness of those who work and attend music events. Their current services include the free dissemination of health supplies, creating a refuge space for those in distress, and educating the public about various substance use topics, including evidence-based models of care and recovery.

CANVAS partners with SafeHaven to advance education in the community, particularly around the interaction between drugs (and CBD's interaction with drugs), and providing products + safe space support at events.

Global Legalization & Access

In addition to the local causes we support, we also advocate and fight for legalization and access to CBD around the world.

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