How To Disconnect From Stress In 5 Easy Steps

September 19, 2019

In order to disconnect from anxiety and stress, we need to prioritize reconnecting with ourselves, our daily practices, and our environment. This can be as simple as re-evaluating your individual needs and redefining essential tasks, to establishing new rituals which set the tone for the day or evening. There are many momentary distractions that seemingly demand our immediate attention. By working to bring focus back to the self through mindful practices, you can contribute to feeling less beholden to the needs of others and more sensitive to your own desires, feelings, and energy.

Coping With Stress

There are many ways to manage and cope with stress. Anxiety does not have to be a daily expectation. It’s common for individuals to reach for a glass of wine or cocktail after a long day, but rather than attempting to numb the stress, what if instead, the focus is on incorporating daily practices that promote balance and well-being. In fact, what if you could even channel some of the stress and anxiety into creative practices like journaling? Or, help your body process stress and anxiety in ways that support normal stress management? Whether it’s being more in-tune with your body and its immediate needs or finding ways to establish healthy boundaries, having your own routines that support your body’s stress-management system is essential for optimum health.

Why Relaxing and Recharging Is Important

For so many overworked and exhausted individuals, just the thought of taking time to relax or “do nothing” causes more stress. However, this mindset can be the root cause of the issue as it creates a circular problem. Through stepping away from routines that aren’t serving you and reevaluating daily practices, you can begin to both see and understand the potential root causes of stress and anxiety. Additionally, establishing routines that support and promote your health, will positively contribute to your body’s ability to process and manage daily stressors. Giving yourself a strong support system will make it easier to manage and work through the unexpected problems, tasks, and commitments of each day.

Rest Well. Be Your Best.

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5 Steps to Disconnect and Start Fresh

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1. Schedule Your Day Around Your Energy

Rather than trying to plan out your entire day by task, which can feel overwhelming, why not try planning your day around your energy? When do you feel the most motivated? When do you feel the most depleted? If you are most energized in the morning, try to work on your most difficult or mentally exhausting tasks at that time. If your energy peaks later in the day or evening, you might plan to exercise at that time. During your moments of lower energy, plan for more restorative or less-cumbersome tasks (things that you don’t tend to avoid). One Google employee plans their week based on their energy levels by work day, tackling their most difficult tasks on Tuesday and Wednesdays and scheduling long-term planning on Fridays.


2. Establish Morning and Evening Rituals

Though we can’t control how many tasks are on our to-do list, we can control how and when we approach them and optimize our personal restoration and recovery time. Rituals help an individual take control of the day, rather than letting the day and tasks at hand control them. As choreographer Twyla Tharp said: by making the beginning automatic, we replace doubt and fear with comfort and routine. Rather than waking each morning and immediately checking a smartphone, take control of the day ahead of time with your own routine. This could be starting the morning with a calming podcast or meditation, your favorite herbal tea, or a high-quality CBD product like Canvas Relief Oil. As for the evening, implement routines that send a signal to your mind and body that it’s time to relax.

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3. Set Healthy Boundaries

Though even the mere thought of setting boundaries can be anxiety-inducing for some, once they are set, they can lessen, or even eliminate, emotional distress. Psychology Today recommends starting the process with self-reflection. What is most important to you? What are your values? What do you dread most about each day? Then, think about ways that you might be able to better address your individual needs. This may help lessen the possibility of your day being completely dictated by the demands of others which can lead to burnout. When you take back control of your day, your needs, and future, you can lessen anxiety and increase happiness.


4. Optimize Creative Outlets

At the heart of it, building and practicing a creative hobby is making and taking time for yourself. Though there is a scientific link between creativity and anxiety, channeling frustrations and excess energy into something for yourself can help build confidence, personal joy, life-satisfaction, and relieve stress. These outlets can be as simple as home cooking and journaling to learning a foreign language, taking up an art studio class, or practicing and learning a musical instrument. Through mindfulness and other practices, be aware of what feelings you are experiencing and think about ways you can channel them into something rewarding.


5. Prioritize Wellness

Take care of yourself. Carve out uninterrupted time to enjoy your meals and make healthy nutrition a priority. Don’t feel guilty about allocating time for self-care. Giving your body the nutrients and support system it needs for optimum wellness contributes to your overall well-being. As for the body, address any aches and pains which can stay with you throughout a busy day and stand as a source of discomfort. Do you have an ache in your lower back? Are long days at the computer taking their toll on your body? Schedule a massage, enjoy a long soak in the bath, or utilize creams like Canvas Relief Cream to help contribute to pain management regimens. After all, in order to function at your best, you deserve the opportunities and premium tools that contribute to overall wellness.

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