Global Legalization & Access

CANVAS is committed to advocating and fighting for global legalization of hemp-derived CBD

Spreading the Power of Hemp

In addition to CANVAS' local community efforts, we are also committed to fighting for the legality of hemp-based cannabinoid products around the world.

Hemp has been used throughout history for a variety of uses, and in some countries it was even considered a sacred plant. Over the last century, though, hemp fell out of favor in many countries, particularly with the rise of cotton and other synthetic textiles. In some countries (like the United States), hemp was grouped with marijuana and deemed an illegal substance. This unfair labeling of hemp as a highly scheduled substance has prevented huge amounts of potentially life-changing research. People around the world in all walks of life could benefit greatly from cannabinoids, but they need the access and the comfort of knowing that the cannabinoids they're using are legal in their place of residence.

Access in Kenya

Our mission of creating global access to hemp-derived cannabinoids begins in Kenya. Epilepsy occurs in Kenya at 2-3 times higher rates than it does in the developed world. There are several factors contributing to this: a lack of affordable and accessible health care, a lack of awareness about the disease, low rates of diagnosis, stigma and discrimination related to epilepsy and other special needs, and even concerns about negative side effects related to available epilepsy drugs.

Our friends at Ubuntu Life are doing what they can to aid in faster diagnosis (particularly in rural Kenya, which typically does not have access to high-level specialists), and treatment, but without legal access to CBD and other cannabinoids, one entire path of potential full-body support is off the table.

We at CANVAS believe that access to cannabinoids could greatly improve the lives of children and adults who are desperate for relief. We will work towards hemp-derived CBD legalization in Kenya, and then we will continue to expand this network of access throughout the globe.
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